Castle Siege War

Hail Knights!

In this guide, I’ll explain you about the current Castle Siege War system and some basic tactics you may use.

The Castle Siege War event is a very important activity for every clan, you can win a lot of Noah by collecting Delos/Abyss & Moradon taxes! (up to 20% of all payments made in these zones!)

If you are the owner of the castle at Delos:

  • You can obtain Castelian Weapons as well which can be very powerful !
  • You can also complete cool missions and earn more noah!

    Note: CSW is scheduled for every Saturday at 14:00 EDT

  • Castle Siege War can take up to 60minutes.
  • Both outside & inside gates can destroy only with by a “battering ram”.
  • Whenever a clan captures the center monument, they may defend center artifact for 15minutes straight and afterward, they’ll win automatically.
    Note: It doesn’t affect the total time of the siege war.
  • Castle owner may summon guards to protect themselves & their alliance by clicking on “Summoning Stone”
  • Castle owner may heal the center artifact.
    Ally clans may help by healing the center artifact as well, only if the first clan in the alliance is the clan that last hit the center artifact and not one of the ally clans.

    Example: Clans “A”, “B” and “C” (in this order) have an alliance.
    If clan “A” (which is the first clan in the ally AKA ally leaders) destroy the center artifact by giving the last hit then the entire alliance will be able to heal the center artifact.
    However, if clan “B” destroy the center artifact, only clan “B” will be able to heal the center artifact.
    So in this case, you would always want the first clan in your alliance to last hit the center artifact in order to make a better defense by allowing your entire alliance to heal the center artifact.

Siege War Weapons
There are 4 different siege war weapon you can use for your advantage.
You may purchase these from the NPC located at Delos town.
The NPC is named: “[Siege War Weapons] Serendil” or “[Siege War Weapons] Elrond” which is located inside the castle.

Battering Ram
Leader Car
Moving Tower

[color=red]*If you’re not the castle owner, there are some areas you won’t be able to use it.[/color]

Battering Ram – Ram Key

Used for breaking gates, not much to explain.
In order to destroy gates you must use the skilled “Drawbridge Destruction”, can be found under your “basic skills” once you are transformed to a battering ram.

Can see it in the following video:

Leader Car – Leader Car Key

This siege weapon can be used only by clan leaders.
As a clan leader, you may use it in order to buff your clan & allies, there are scrolls you can purchase from the siege war weapons NPC that would give cool buff to your allies around you (up to 30meter)

You can see it in the following video


A very powerful siege weapon you may use in order to hit the area you aim to, you’ll have to purchase ammunition from the siege war weapons NPC and you have different kind of attacks you can use, pure damage, MP decrease, decrease durability.

You may change the range based on your preference by moving the bar on the top of your screen.
This is how it works more or les

Moving Tower

This siege weapon is playing a very important role in the castle siege war, it can be used in order to allow your allies & clan to safely pass walls and make shortcuts in most cases save a lot of time.

Once you transform to a moving tower, your allies & clannies will be able to click you and hit “Boarding”, once they’re on your moving tower, they’ll be able to hit “exit” at any time and be teleported exactly where you aim your moving tower to.


The Center Artifact

In order to win you must be the castle owner and in order to become the castle owner you must destroy the center artifact.

It can be healed by the current castle owners and their allies which will definitely make things harder for you! 🙂

[color=yellow]*[/color]As mentioned in the introduction, if you manage to destroy the center artifact and hold it 15minutes in a row, you’ll win automatically!

Stone of Hate – Blue / Red potion

Once you kill an opponent in the siege war, you’ll receive an item called “Despair Spirit”.

You may exchange 5 “Despair Spirit” with a red or blue potion based on your preference.

Note: If you have either blue or red potion in your inventory already, you won’t be able to exchange the despair spirit item for a blue/red potion.
You must have 0 blue / red potion in your inventory once you try to exchange the “Despair Spirit” item.

Stone of Age

Upon destroying this stone, the total CSW time will decrease in 5minutes.
There are two Stone of Age total, you may decrease the total time in 10minutes.

For instance, after destroying one, total CSW time will be 55minutes instead of 60minutes. Destroy two and it will be 50minutes instead of 60.

Summoning Stone
As mentioned in the introduction.
If you are the current castle owner, you may click it and it will teleport a guard to defend your clan & your allies.